House Washing

Your home is an investment. If you want it to last, you must take care of it. This not only includes keeping it clean on the inside but on the outside as well. Integrity Roof Cleaning of Townville, SC is here to take care of this for you. We are a family owned business and take pride in our excellent customer service.

Over time, dirt, spider webs, mold, mildew, and algae can build up on the outside of your home. This will decrease the curb appeal of your home. In some cases, as with mold, mildew, and algae, it can also cause damage to the siding and trim of your house. Having your home periodically washed will keep your home in good repair. Letting mold and algae build up will make it harder to clean, and therefore having it washed periodically will also save you time.

We make sure our technicians are well trained in the process of house washing. They are professional and will treat your property with care and respect. Service will be prompt, on time, and done right.

The safe and superior equipment that we use means there will be no damage to your property.  Our equipment is kept in good repair, so it is safe and effective. Our washing is used to get rid of and prevent the growth of mildew, algae and mold on your property. A soft-wash system is used to prevent damage to siding and trim, as well as window seals and doors.

We at Integrity Roof Cleaning desire your return business. Therefore, we make sure to provide excellent customer service. We will do the job we have been hired to do, on time and in the right way, to protect your investment.

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