Soft Washing

As a family-owned and operated business, Integrity Roof Cleaning has excellent customer service. We have done much research into safely cleaning roofs, houses, decks, and other exterior aspects of your property. Many parts of the house can be damaged by pressure washing, so a new way of cleaning has been developed called soft washing.

In order to keep the outside of your home in top condition, it needs to be kept clean. Dirt, algae, mold, and other things can cause a great deal of damage if left alone. Keeping a house clean is hard work. Leaving the cleaning for too long can make the process harder.

Pressure washing can damage shingles and seals around windows and doors. The safest way to clean the exterior is through a process called soft washing. This still uses a pressure washing system. However, it uses different nozzles that reduce pressure. The real cleaner is the unique mix of chemicals which include algaecides, mildewcides, and surfactants.

Our technicians have the knowledge needed to create the proper mix of chemicals for an expert soft wash process. We are also very conscientious about the property we are working on. We treat your home as we would our own.

We keep our equipment in top shape so it does not malfunction while using it. We use only the correct nozzle for the job, ensuring a proper soft wash. We also use the correct equipment for each job.

We encourage you to let us, Integrity Roof Cleaning, help you maintain the exterior of your home. We provide excellent customer service and make sure the end result is good in every way. We look forward to servicing your home exterior needs.

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